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    Swan and Dolphin

    We just returned from staying at the Swan for a 3 day 2 night stay. It's so much better than the Dolphin! I love it!
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    Disney Skyliners!

    Looks like Cast members are getting a preview of the Skyliners, and so far it's high praise!
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    Tell us your favorite thing about Walt Disney World for a chance to win $50!

    @TheresaBeale Please contact me with your personal info, as you have won this contest! Congrats!
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    Swan and Dolphin

    I'm excited, we were able to book another weekend trip to the Swan this time, via Priceline for less than $130 per night! Such a great deal - no we don't get points or night credit for the room, qualify for a room upgrade, or get perks of being gold/platinum/whatever such as breakfast but for...
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    Welcome to the community! Can't wait to hear what you have to share as a cast member making...

    Welcome to the community! Can't wait to hear what you have to share as a cast member making magic for folks!
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    Tell us your favorite thing about Walt Disney World for a chance to win $50!

    From here until September 8th 2019, if you post in this thread only ONCE, telling everyone what you love about Walt Disney World, you are entered into a chance to win a $50 . gift card. If you post after 11:59 PM EST on 9/8/19, you are disqualified. One post, per entry. One account per...
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    Wedding at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

    I'm excited! We are planning our wedding at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, Florida! I'm excited! We are in the process of documenting our entire journey, and hopefully help others out as well!
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    D23 / Disney+ Founding Circle Offer!

    I just signed up! I'm confirmed!
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    D23 / Disney+ Founding Circle Offer!

    So if you've been keeping up Disney+ and D23, there was an exciting offer made to all of D23 members! You get 33% off a 3 Year subscription! $7 *12 = $84 a year. (before discount) $84 -$23 = $61 (after discount, $5.09 a month!) $61*3 = $183 for 3 years of Disney+ Service! This promotional...
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    What is your favorite deluxe Disney hotel?

    Pretty obvious...but please let us know what makes the hotel special to you!
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    Staying at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando

    I absolutely love this hotel! It's a 5 star hotel located off the Bonnett Creek area. It does not have magic express service, can not charge via your magic bands, but it does qualify for extra magic hours. It's absolutely stunning for those that can deal with riding their nice motor coach or...
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    The 626 today only cone

    Today only, the Pineapple Lanai at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort in Disney World is offering a special ice cream cone in honor of Stitch called the Experiment 626 cone! Before Lilo named him Stitch, everyone’s favorite mischievous alien had another name, Experiment 626. That laboratory...
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    Increase in Walt Disney Resort Parking

    RESORT PARKING FEE INCREASES:For reservations made before June 18, 2019 for arrivals in 2019 or 2020: Disney Values $13 per night Disney Moderates: $19 per night Disney Deluxe and villas: $24 per night For reservations made June 18, 2019 and thereafter for arrivals in 2020: Disney Values: $15...