I'm a Disney Annual Passholder, and I roughly make it to Walt Disney World 5-6 times a year. One way I do that is getting great deals on hotels, and I enjoy staying on property. I have stayed off site at the Waldorf Astoria of Orlando Bonnet Creek, and it was great.

A few of the biggest perks for staying on-site at a Disney resort, is the following key features:
  • Disney's Magic Express to and from Orlando International Airport (MCO) - I value this at roughly $100 round trip compared to Uber.
  • Not having to carry my bags to the resort, etc. I don't have a $ value, but it makes the vacation seamless.
  • Extra Magic Hours - entrance into the parks.
  • Ability to use a magic band to make purchases, and unlock the room.
  • Ability to send purchases back to the resort instead of lugging them around all day.
Without wasting of time, let's go save some money.

Before we get started, this is what you need:
  • Desktop/Laptop computer
  • Latest Firefox, or Google Chrome
  • Hotel Canary addon installed (Firefox extension link) (Google Chrome Addon link)
I go to and I type in "Lake Buena Vista (Walt Disney World), FL" along with the dates
Filter down to 3, and 4 stars.
Filter the neighborhood to "Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek"

Here are a few examples of what is on sale on Priceline during Easter week.

Screenshot 2019-03-27 09.40.11(2).png

The star count of 3.5 stars match.
The hotel guest rating of 8+ match.
The number of reviews are in range of each other, in this case Disney's Cornado Springs Resort has 376 reviews.

This tells me this hotel is more than likely Disney's Cornado Springs Resort, I'm 80% confident. However, I'm not great at math, and so this is where the Hotel Canary comes in.
Click on the Choose button.
If you are using Windows, you can click on the Canary extension and it will provide a drop down full of information.
Mac users, will need to go a step further and click Book on the next page.

Here is what Canary best guess is what the hotels that match all of the criteria above.
Screenshot 2019-03-27 09.48.42(2).png

Remember, the hotel has to have a guest rating of 8+, and over 300 reviews. The only one that has that is Disney's Cornado Springs Resort. Ignore the prices on that page.
So I'm now 99% confident that if I book the Priceline Express Deal, it will be Disney Cornado Springs Resort. Guess what, I just saved $83 a night!

What's great about this, is you can save on Deluxe and Value resorts at as well. Here's another listing a bit further down, let's see if the same logic applies.

Screenshot 2019-03-27 09.53.10(2).png

It does! Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, you could save $74 a night. Might seem a little silly when you are booking a Deluxe, but a $ saved is more money to spend at The Confectionary on Main Street.

Here are the follow up steps that I did to ensure I got this added to my Disney Magic Experience.
  • Wait 24-48 hours
  • Go to Priceline, under "My Trips", look for a link "Itinerary with Receipt"
  • Copy the hotel confirmation number
  • Call (407)939-7671
  • Let them know you need to add the Priceline confirmation to your account.
To confirm Disney Magic Express, go here

Note, that Disney resorts are not always available on Priceline Express deals, so I recommend checking at least 6 weeks before you desired trip. I usually book our trips around cheap airfare, and most of the time that's 6 weeks out as well. These are the tips I use to book cheaper hotel rooms, and you must do what is comfortable for you. I can't guarantee your success, but I do feel strongly about my methods listed here.

I hope this helps, and you enjoy your time at Walt Disney World!